How to sort your food waste

Sorting of food waste will be the standard for all households and operations in Norrtälje Municipality. This is a description of what is and what is not food waste and how to sort it.

How to sort food waste in Norrtälje Municipality

Below you will find the information provided in our folder on how to sort your food waste.

This is food waste:

  • All types of leftover food, whether cooked, raw or expired
  • Bones from meat, fish and poultry
  • Fruit and vegetable waste, including peels, cores and tops.
  • Eggs and eggshells
  • All types of bread
  • Pantry goods (flour, spices, canned food, etc.)
  • Tea bags, tea and coffee grounds
  • Candy, snacks (popcorn, cheese puffs, etc.)
  • Diet supplements, protein powders, dieting powders
  • Cat and dog food, both wet and dry
  • Coffee filters, paper towels and napkins are also fine

This is not food waste:

  • Potted plants, cut flowers and garden waste
  • Tobacco, cigarettes and snus
  • Chewing gum/nicotine gum
  • Medicines (hand in at the pharmacy)
  • Ice cream sticks, chopsticks and wet wipes
  • Dirt, sand, cat litter and cage bedding
  • Charcoal, ashes and candle wax

This is a sign for you to print and hang in the kitchen by your recyclingd

How it’s done

Always place the bag in the holder. It helps dehumidify the waste in the bag, which reduces the risk of bad smells and of the bag breaking. Do not place the bag in a bucket, plastic bag or on a flat surface, as it will soak through and break. The bag holder can be mounted on the inside of a cupboard or placed in a suitable location. If you move, you leave the bag holder behind. The bag holder is dishwasher proof.

Placing the bag

  • Fold down the edges of the bag to make it more stable
  • Only paper bags designated for food waste may be placed in the food waste container. Never use a plastic bag in or around the food waste bag
  • The food waste bag may only contain food waste. If the food waste has been polluted by other waste, it cannot be used, and the benefits of recycling it are lost
  • You can get more bags free of charge from most food stores and at the recycling stations.

Get more bags by clicking on this link

Add food waste

Do not fill the bag over the line. Change the bag at least every three days, even if it is not full.


Close the bag by folding the top of the bag. Gently place it in the food waste container to reduce the risk of leaking or breakage.

Handy sorting tips

  • To avoid the bag becoming too wet, let wet food waste, such as potato peels, sit in the sink for a moment to drain before you put it in the bag.
  • If the bag gets too wet, you can put some paper towels/napkins in the bag, which will soak up some of the liquid.
  • If the bag is too wet, put it in another food waste bag before taking it outside, but do not use a plastic bag in or around the paper bag.
  • Avoid the smell of shrimp and fish waste by rinsing it in cold water and wrapping it in paper towels/napkins before placing it in the bag, or take the bag out at once. The bag can also be kept in the freezer until you have time to take it out.
  • To avoid smell and vermin in the summer, you should wash the bag holder regularly and spray/drip some vinegar in it. The bag holder is dishwasher proof.
  • In the winter, if you live in a house, make sure that excess liquid is properly drained before putting the waste in the bag, otherwise it may get frozen stuck to the container, which then cannot be emptied. It is the property owners responsibility to dislodge any waste that is frozen stuck or sticks to the container for some other reason.
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